At Ditch Witch, we don’t just sell equipment. We pledge to be there when you need us. With a promise to help you be more productive. A passion to help you be more profitable. And the simple understanding that time is money.



“We would not be doing the jobs we are doing right now without Ditch Witch.”


Northern Fence Company

For years, Bill and his crew slowly beat themselves up with various landscaping and augering equipment, until one day he stepped on an SK650. It was an instant gamechanger. The versatility of the SKs allows the folks at Northern Fence Company to say yes to not only more jobs, but also different types of jobs, growing their business.

“They created or provided us a tool that was able to make our job considerably easier on so many aspects, from digging to hauling, to you name it. It has just changed everything we’ve done. Ditch Witch, yeah, they’ve helped us tremendously.”
Northern Fence: Ditch Witch Testimonial


"They are an extension of us."


Chet's Rent-All

When Sarah Wilcox and her staff at Chet’s Rent-All decided to convert their compact rental machine options to Ditch Witch® machines, the decision was based on two things: category leadership and core values. They wanted to provide their rental customers with the most versatile, durable equipment in the industry for the best ROI and service possible.


“What really attracted me to Ditch Witch was their core values, they completely align with ours. They always do what they say they are going to do. Our dealer rep acts as an extension of us, providing our rental customers with additional support and services as needed.

Chet's Rent-All: Ditch Witch Testimonial


"The support we've gotten from Ditch Witch has been second to none."



Ivan Martin and his crew at MasTec doubled their productivity after they switched to Ditch Witch. But it wasn’t the machines alone. It was the support and service that came with them. Members of the Ditch Witch of Central Texas team became part of MasTec’s crew, going directly to their jobsites to give operators hands-on training.
“As a supervisor, that training is huge. We went from running the competition’s drills to the ATs, and one of the big selling features was Ditch Witch,” says Alex Lutton, a MasTec supervisor. “They came out and they trained all of our guys. We had guys on site for three days a week for the first month we had Ditch Witch equipment.”
MasTec Goes Orange With Ditch Witch


"I enjoy this. And the reason I enjoy this is having Ditch Witch as my team."


AllTech Directional Drilling

When Michael Thomas, owner and CEO of AllTech Directional Drilling out of Portland, had an opportunity to take on major fiber projects in Austin, Texas, he jumped at the chance in spite of the distance. AllTech has always relied on the support and service from Ditch Witch Northwest, but when his crew needed help on the job in Austin, they knew they could turn to Ditch Witch of Central Texas.​


“All the Ditch Witch teams are outstanding no matter where you go,” says Thomas. “You know you’re gonna get the best help. Everybody involved, it’s one big team effort. And to know that when you go to work, they’re behind you 100%, just makes all the difference in the world.” 

AllTech gets Support from Ditch Witch Central Texas


"Similar core values."


Accu-Bore Directional Drilling

When the guys from Accu-Bore approached Mike Anderson at Ditch Witch of Central California, they got more than just an equipment dealer. They got a business partner who was determined to help them grow their company exponentially. From helping them devise a business plan to sharing best practices in accounting, Mike didn’t simply sell them a machine and then send them on their way. He stood side by side with them and got them on their way.
Accu-Bore and Ditch Witch of Central California


"The sky's the limit."


Atlas Construction

When Dustin Hale walked into the Ditch Witch dealership in Amarillo all he had was an idea. No company. No money. Just raw ambition. And that was enough for the folks at Ditch Witch to take a chance on him. Six years and 10 drills later, his company, Atlas Construction, is one of their biggest customers.


“I told them right off the bat, you know I didn’t have a whole lot of money and didn’t know everything I was doing,” says Hale. “But I had an idea and I wanted to start this company. The next thing I know, I have one drill, then two drills, and now we’ve got ten drills.”

Ditch Witch® Undercon


"Ditch Witch is a big part of our success."


J. Moraga Construction

Starting and operating your own business can be an overwhelming experience. Simply ask Jose Moraga of J. Moraga Construction. “As a business owner, you lose a lot of sleep at night.” But he’ll also tell you that the reward far outweighs the risk. Especially when you have a good team behind you.
“From day one, Mike Anderson and the Ditch Witch team have been right there with us,” says Moraga. “They welcomed us with open arms. Whatever you need, let us help you out. We want to make sure you succeed.” That was 10 years ago. And we’re still standing shoulder-to-shoulder with him today. Because that’s what family does.
Jose Moraga Teams Up With Ditch Witch Central California


"We most definitely share the same values."


Point to Point Directional Drilling

When it comes down to it, we all appreciate doing business with people we like and trust. But as Bobby Miller will tell you, it’s when those partnerships become more like family that you’ve got something special. 


“It’s the down home service,” says Miller. “They treat you like family. That’s how I treat my employees and customers, and it works. I wouldn’t deal with anybody else but Ditch Witch because of that.” But it goes beyond just his personal relationship with Ditch Witch, his employees are extended the same courtesy, too. “Best thing about our partnership is that any one of my employees can call and speak to somebody directly and receive the same level of service and care that I do. That means that if I’m out of pocket, the job will still get done. And that’s invaluable.”

South Louisiana Dealer: Ditch Witch Testimonial


"Ditch Witch is part of my company."


Northwest Line Builders

Mike Stotts didn’t always run Ditch Witch. But he does now.

“Ditch Witch showed a product that surpassed the drills we were running,” he says. But it goes much deeper than that. “Ditch Witch gives you a service where you feel like they’re part of your company. They help you succeed. When you purchase a Ditch Witch, or deal with Ditch Witch, it’s more on a personal level. You feel like you’re part of them and they’re part of you.”

It’s all part of the culture Steve Jergentz, general manager of Ditch Witch Northwest, has helped create. “I sat down with Jergentz last year to buy a drill, and he told me, ‘We want to do a joint-venture with you. We consider this a partnership with you. We’ll do what we can to help you succeed and make your business grow.’”

That’s why Mike’s happy right where he is. “I have the choice to go anywhere I want. I could go to a competitor or I could stay with Ditch Witch. I choose to stay here with Ditch Witch.”
Northwest Line Builders: Ditch Witch Testimonial


"No reason to go anywhere else."


David H. Elliot Construction Company

Terry Downing has been working with Ditch Witch of Oklahoma’s Gary Bridwell since 1975. He admits competitors are constantly calling on him, but he’s happy with Ditch Witch.

“Our relationship with Ditch Witch is unbelievable,” says Downing. “They are always there. Any time we’ve had a problem, it’s been an immediate response. They’ll help us out to find a replacement so we don’t lose our production in the field. For example, we had a 36-inch bore to do and they didn’t have anything here to do it. Next thing I know, I get a call from Andy at the dealership telling me they found a machine in Wisconsin. A week later it was here. And that made money for us because we were able to go to our customer and say, ‘We’ve got you covered.’ Competitors keep calling. But I’ve had no need to look elsewhere.”
Used for construction and demolition, our breakers can be used to break up asphalt, concrete or even clay. The hydraulic hammer is perfect for any small or medium job you might have. More up-time in the field is always the goal, and with only two moving parts and a few seals, there’s no reason for down-time.
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550

Handle 10 times the heavy loads such as steel road plates and concrete slabs with a vacuum lift attachment. The constant vacuum pressure eliminates the need for conventional methods that may damage materials and cuts man-hours in half, allowing operators more time to focus on the job.
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550

Easily move materials for rebuilds, new construction, footings, utility repairs and more with this compact and versatile attachment.
Compatible Models

SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550

Featuring a heavy-duty boom design, powerful stump grinding attachments quickly shred stumps down to nothing. Easy maneuvering from stump to stump and increased visibility turns more ground stumps into more profit.
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550, SK3000

Your multipurpose tool for the ultimate multi-tasker is here. Engineered to grab tight to heavy materials and move them with ease and precision, the multi-task tool is your go-to for heavy applications. Easy to operate with convenient, functional levers.
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550

With the MC-450 coring attachment, utility maintenance is simple and less disruptive. Featuring intuitive controls and an integrated water tank, the MC-450 is the perfect choice for quick cuts and a more productive coring process. A fully adjustable 0 to 280 rpm speed allows for enhanced control and greater productivity.
Compatible Models

SK1050, SK1550

Prepare food plots, gardens, and landscaping projects with a soil cultivator. It gets land ready by stirring organic material back in the soil for a healthier, more stable lawn. Buries the biggest of rocks for a looser topsoil.
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550

Whether you’re looking to increase dump height or digging depth, attaching a backfill blade is an easy way to save manpower on your jobsite while working with precision and timeliness. Available in various widths.
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550

Ideal for landscaping and tree care, an auger attachment will expedite hole creation and allow operators to quickly plant trees or install fence posts than if they were hand-digging or relying on a hand-held auger. Available in 6" to 30" diameters.
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550

Tough and effective tillers prepare your garden by breaking up tough soil and removing unwanted weeds. Available in 4' width.
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550

Tree grapples come with 48" or 57" openings to efficiently remove logs and debris from the jobsite. It has an excavator style boom design with a powder coat finish and a cylinder lock for increased safety. Brush grapples available with a gap opening of 29" and widths of 42" or 54".
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550

One of our most simple yet versatile attachments, the Carry-All Leveler is perfect for carrying bulky material, leveling soil and adding a flat, smooth finish to your project. Available in 49" width.
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550

Turn one machine into a multi-functional workhorse with versatile Ditch Witch® SK attachments. From landscaping and hardscapes to tree care and construction-grade tasks, your stand-on skid steer can take on more than you think. We've got you covered with a variety buckets from 4-in-1 to heavy and light material buckets. Widths range from 34" to 66".
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550, SK3000

Take on your heaviest loads with precision and dependability with Ditch Witch pallet forks. They easily attach to any of our skid steers and can easily accessorize with hay spikes, brick guards, and much more to add even more ROI. Available in widths ranging from 36-48.75" and lengths from 36-48".
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550, SK3000

Fiber installation and other street-located work is rapidly growing. A microtrenching attachment is key for operators looking to get into fiber installation at the street level. They cut both concrete and asphalt in controlled increments so contractors don't need to stop traffic. Maximum width options are 0.5-1.5” or 2” with maximum depths of 12” or 16”.
Compatible Models

SK1050, SK1550, SK3000

The Ditch Witch Roto Witch® attachment is used for short bores underneath sidewalks, driveways and other obstacles. It offers great digging performance while minimizing jobsite restoration. Compatible with numerous Ditch Witch stand-on skid steers, the Roto Witch attachment can bore and backream up to 12" (300 mm) in diameter.
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550

Install fiber and other utilities quickly with a vibratory plow attachment for your skid steer. It creates less ground disruption and cleanup than traditional trenching to get the job done faster. Available in maximum depths of 14" and 24".
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550, SK3000

Clean, level and prep jobsites or smooth and loosen soil for sodding with a rake attachment. Most rake attachments require 10 to 14 gpm, but the higher horsepower creates even more drum torque to tear through the most demanding soil types. Width measures 4'.
Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550