Revolutionizing Hard Rock Drilling with All Terrain Technology

Rock ToolingBy Seth Matthesen, Ditch Witch senior product manager, directional drills

Since our founding in 1949, the Ditch Witch organization has grown from inventing the first mechanized, compact-service-line trencher to being a one-stop source for underground construction equipment, including horizontal directional drills (HDD). Introduced in 1990, the original Ditch Witch HDD has evolved over the years based on industry changes and direct customer feedback. In fact, advancements include transforming rock drilling in 1995 with special tooling advancements for hard rock ground conditions and pioneering All Terrain technology in 2000. To date, 1,935 All Terrain drills have been sold around the world—and counting.

Allowing operators to drill with confidence, the newest drill in the Ditch Witch lineup includes an updated, advanced All Terrain system for industry-leading performance, agile and modular steering, and enhanced control when drilling in hard rock. The next-generation AT40 All Terrain directional drill provides 33 percent more torque than competitive units for optimal downhole power.

The system has evolved over time, and today the newly optimized system includes multiple patent-pending designs to improve downhole operation and an inner-rod design for superior steering in rock environments.

As part of the advancements, today’s All Terrain system and the AT40 drill feature an enhanced and reliable RockMaster® housing and new durable pipe options. The housing features patented and industry-exclusive designs to increase downhole life and minimize maintenance for increased service time intervals—time intervals are doubled compared to previous models.

Further enhancing productivity, the new drill features the same next-generation designs as our JT40 model. The unit provides best-in-class power and provides valuable operational insights to keep operators confident, productive and profitable on every job.

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