Cost-Effective Ditch Witch VP30 Vibratory Plow Minimizes Disruption on Residential, Utility-Installation Jobs

PERRY, Okla., June 5, 2017 – Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works Company, has released the new, compact VP30 vibratory plow to help operators efficiently install a variety of residential utility products in tight spaces and with minimal surface disruption. From fiber to small irrigation pipe, the unit is the ideal, cost-effective solution for product installation beneath residential properties.

The VP30 is powered by a 31-hp (23-kw) Briggs and Stratton® engine for optimal performance, making the compact machine the most powerful in its size class. The vibratory plow also features a variable flow control—a first to the underground construction industry. This helps utilize power more effectively for outstanding productivity, allowing operators to precisely control the flow to the shaker box or empowering them to adjust ground drive speed to meet a variety of ground conditions. The VP30 has a maximum 12-in (304.8-mm) plow depth and a 4.1-psi (0.28-bar) ground pressure for minimal lawn disruptions and reduced restoration work. This makes the machine a great solution for residential, fiber drop work and small irrigation pipe installation up to 1 in (25.4 mm) in diameter.

“The increasing demand for residential fiber installation puts pressure on operators to find an effective and efficient machine that keeps costs to a minimum,” said Chris Thompson, Ditch Witch product manager, compact equipment. “The new VP30 vibratory plow is our cost-effective solution for compact, residential installation projects. The machine keeps surface disruption to a minimum while featuring a low-maintenance design to keep operators profitable and productive.”

Leveraging the same reliable and proven pivot design featured on the Ditch Witch CX-Series walk-behind trenchers, the VP30 is maintenance-free, keeping the machine on the job and out of the shop for increased uptime and utilizes greaseless, sealed bearings that help extend track-assembly life.

Operators will also benefit from the vibratory plow’s hydrostatic, skid steer-style steering for easier operation and easy-touch controls that reduce operator fatigue and enhance machine responsiveness.

The VP30 is equipped with two new adjustable blades—the pull blade and feed blade—which can be adjusted between 6 in (152.4 mm) and 12 in (304.8 mm) to meet fiber installation depth requirements in various areas.  Other options include four Ditch Witch plow blades, which are heavy-duty and longer-lasting than other competitive blades on the market. An optional reel carrier is also available that allows for easy cable and fiber installation, while an available RotoWitch® boring attachment results in fewer disturbances, less labor and less restoration work.

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