Addley’s Canada Conquers Range of Residential Projects with Versatile Tool Carrier

Residential areas, such as fenced yards, tight cul-de-sacs and intricate landscaping, don’t always have the space to maneuver large machinery. And sometimes heavy-duty machines unintentionally leave their mark on the landscape. These jobs, however, often require the strength of large equipment in compact packages. Operators increasingly need agile and versatile machines that don’t lack in power.

Power, Versatility in Action

Addley’s Canada takes on predominately residential and commercial irrigation and landscaping projects in the Calgary, Alberta, area. When owner Dan Lendvai was looking for a piece of equipment to help grow his business in residential areas, he knew he needed a compact yet powerful machine.

After careful consideration, he invested in the 30-horsepower Ditch Witch® Zahn tool carrier for its versatility and muscle.

“I am impressed by how much strength the Zahn machine has,” Lendvai said. “It’s powerful, and it does a cleaner job compared to other equipment I’ve had. I don’t ruin the lawns, and the work I do looks more professional.”

Lendvai said he values the Zahn tool carrier’s versatility and its quick Interchange™ connection, with an attachment plate that can accept more than 40 quick-change attachments. He utilizes the trencher, wood chipper and log splitter attachments most frequently.

“I can maneuver well with all the various attachments,” Lendvai said. “It’s a very easy-to-use machine and does everything I need it to from job to job.”

In addition to strength, the Zahn machine offers Lendvai the efficiency his business requires. Prior to the tool carrier, he owned walk-behind trenchers. But he found those machines more labor intensive for the daily work he was performing.

Now, Lendvai uses the tool carrier with the trencher attachment for the irrigation system installation branch of his business. This enables him to work consistently, and he no longer needs to take days off between jobs due to exhaustion. The Zahn unit is easy to ride, with a platform that absorbs shock, reduces fatigue and keeps the operator clear of loose mud, dirt and debris.

Lendvai also said the Zahn R300 has helped him maintain and grow his client base without having to hire new employees.

“I use it to tow trailers with the log splitter or the wood chipper attachment – jobs that are too large to do by hand,” Lendvai said. “I can unload and load the machine myself, and it’s basically like a second person. It’s almost the same cost as another hired hand, and often, the Ditch Witch machine is more reliable than another person.”

No terrain is too tough for the Zahn machine to maneuver. It is mounted on high-flotation rubber tires or optional quad tracks. Lendvai’s machine has tracks, and he said it manages slippery ground with ease.

“I was driving through thick mud with pebbles. When I thought I was going to get stuck, all of the tracks engaged and moved simultaneously, helping to avoid a bigger problem,” added Lendvai.

No Sacrifices Required

Today’s operators need not sacrifice power for versatility or maneuverability. Compact tool carriers can offer maximum productivity to complete a wide range of residential tasks – from trenching and plowing to tilling and more.

For more information on the Ditch Witch Zahn tool carrier, visit Zahn Tool Carrier | Ditch Witch – Directional Drills, Trenchers, Vacs, & Skid Steers

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