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Powerful, Easy-to-Use Drills Conquer Challenging Underground Pipeline Project

Crude oil is often called “black gold” thanks to the combination of global demand, scarcity around the globe, and the ongoing rush to get it out of the ground as fast as possible. Worldwide, there is a constant stream of this rich liquid flowing from wells through pipelines and to the consumer. To remain one of the larger producers and suppliers of oil, Canada relies on its oil companies to efficiently deploy pipelines while minimizing environmental disruption.​

DTE Energy Tackles Tough Terrains, Efficiently Powers Michigan

As the largest utility company in Michigan, DTE Energy is responsible for providing gas and electricity to homes and businesses across the state. Due to the state’s range of landscapes, meeting tight completion deadlines for jobs in diverse ground conditions is familiar territory for DTE Energy. In the South, for example, clay is common. Up north, sand is often encountered.


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