A Ditch Witch Experience That’s Truly Out Of This World

Ditch Witch® is once again ready to take Las Vegas and CONEXPO to the next level with two virtual reality experiences designed to give potential customers a first-in-their-lifetime trip to the Metaverse.

The first VR experience—and certainly the most unique—is giving all CONEXPO attendees the opportunity to drive the world-famous Super Witch®. Since its creation over 45 years ago, only a small handful of select people have driven the Super Witch. Now through an incredible VR experience, anyone can hop on the virtual Super Witch, feel the power, and pop wheelies that’ll get the crowd roaring. Even better, this VR ride has been gamified. So the best drivers—those who collect the most coins (or Ditch Witch moons)—can win an “I Drove The Super Witch” T-shirt.

The second Metaverse experience is really demonstrating a new and innovative way of connecting with customers through Virtual Showrooms for Ditch Witch, Trencor®, American Augers® and Subsite®. You’ll not only be wowed by the experience within each showroom, but you’ll get to do things like a virtual, in-the-field walk-around of an American Augers directional drill.

Ultimately, the goal of creating this Metaverse experience is to create a way for our customers to view, test, and train on our machines. The goal of creating this Metaverse experience is to create a new and innovative way to connect with customers all over the globe.

With the Ditch Witch Metaverse experience, the future is truly now. And we’d love for you to see it firsthand at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023.

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Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550

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Compatible Models

SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, SK1550