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Customer-Inspired Innovation

The goals of the entire Ditch Witch® organization are to develop and build the best, most productive and durable equipment possible that serves the needs of those who build and maintain the world’s underground infrastructure. And after equipment is in the field and on the job, we are committed to providing unmatched service and support.​

Gain Efficiency, Extend Drill Pipe Life With Proper Drilling Techniques

Efficiency is king. When on a job, operators are highly focused on efficiency and productivity above all else. After all, the ROI of a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) project can hinge on the speed of deployment, especially when turnaround is tight. But sometimes moving quickly can distract operators from getting the most out of equipment.

Microtrenching the Last Mile of Fiber

High-speed internet has grown in popularity. And now, the original focus of routing fiber to the home has expanded to encompass routing fiber to everything. As more neighborhoods, businesses and government facilities demand fiber connections, the equipment responsible for deployment has evolved.​

Vacuum Excavation: A Proud Past, A Critical Future

Vacuum excavation has long been an essential practice on jobsites across the globe. Every underground construction operator, large or small, seeks to keep crews safe and projects profitable. In a modern, competitive industry, finding the right machine to balance these needs can be difficult.