Piercing Tools

Piercing Tools

Replaceable Head

HammerHead® standard piercing tools are ideal for regular and soft soils. The ability to easily change the replaceable head leads to longer tool body life. Standard piercing tools are available in 2-inch (50 mm) to 8-inch (200 mm) models.


The revolutionary Catamount line of piercing tools from HammerHead offers the industry a reciprocating head tool that is easy to start, regardless of air pressure level, and is the first pneumatic piercing tool head effective in both hard and soft soil conditions. The Catamount tool line is currently available in 2.5-inch (64 mm), 3-inch (76 mm), 3.5-inch (89 mm), 4-inch (98 mm), 4.38-inch (111 mm), and 5.125-inch (130 mm) diameters.

Active Head

HammerHead Active Head Mole piercing tools are specially designed to perform in adverse ground conditions. The reciprocating head design features a double-strike system that utilizes the initial impact force to increase production in difficult soils such as cobble, hard clay and hardpan. Active Head piercing tools are available in 2-inch (50 mm), 2.5-inch (65 mm), 3-inch (75 mm), and 3.5-inch (89 mm) models.


Track your HammerHead Mole® with MOLETRAC, the first, proven front locating system for piercing tools, coupled with dependable Ditch Witch electronics.