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About Us

A good company is more than just the sum of its products. The Ditch Witch organization is understandably proud of the many innovative products we've contributed to the underground construction industry, but we reserve the full force of our pride for the thousands of employees, past and present, who have made these products possible. They share more than a place to collect a paycheck, a mission statement, and a strong work ethic. They share a bloodline.

Orange Blood

Anyone who has ever visited our factory in Perry, Oklahoma, has heard us say it: "We bleed orange." But what does it mean?

It has something to do with the signature color of our equipment, of course. But mostly it's about what's inside our machines and, especially, what's inside the people who build them.

We bleed orange because we were born from pioneers—the Malzahns, a family who carved a life and a livelihood out of one of the last unassigned lands in the U.S.

We bleed orange because the majority of our employees past and present have brought to their jobs the grit, work ethic, and pride of ownership that come from growing up in rural America. And we bleed orange because our employees don't just work at the factory—they own it, along with the family that founded it.

The principles upon which Ed Malzahn founded the Ditch Witch organization—honesty, hard work, and giving customers the best product in the world—are the same principles that guide each and every decision made today. The size of the company and its product line have grown tremendously since 1949, but some things still remain the same. The emphasis on power in each and every machine. The founding principles in which our employees take such tremendous pride. And the fact that the Ditch Witch organization is still a family business.

Orange blood courses through the veins of every Ditch Witch employee, and it fuels every piece of equipment we build. Because when our customers put Ditch Witch equipment to work on their jobsites, they're putting us to work, too. And nothing gets that blood really pumping like satisfying the customer.


Current Opportunities

All positions are currently located in Perry, Oklahoma.

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For inquiries about current opportunities, email jobs@ditchwitch.com.

Since 1949, The Charles Machine Works, Inc. (CMW) has focused on three principles: honesty, hard work, and giving customers the best product in the world—Orange Iron, the Ditch Witch brand. Maintaining the reputation as a world leader in innovative solutions for underground construction is possible through the development of each and every employee. CMW provides opportunities for continued training and professional growth, as well as competitive wages and outstanding medical benefits.

Located in Perry, Oklahoma, CMW is a family-owned and -operated company where employees are treated like members of one big family. In fact, it is not uncommon to find multiple generations of families working together to produce the industry's most advanced line of underground construction equipment. This family-style feeling of pride and connections extends beyond Perry through our equipment dealerships around the globe.

This family atmosphere and pride in our organization isn't something new, it's part of the history of Ditch Witch and it's why every one of us bleeds orange.


The history of The Charles Machine Works, Inc., and Ditch Witch underground construction equipment has its roots in the settlement of one of the last unassigned land areas of the United States.

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Factory Tours

Tours of the Ditch Witch equipment manufacturing facility are available to the public. You may schedule a tour by calling 580-336-4402 or sending an e-mail to tours@ditchwitch.com.

To ensure tour availability, please give as much advance notice as possible.

Tour Safety Guidelines

  1. Tour guests must wear closed-toe shoes during plant tours; otherwise, they must stay on the cart for the entire tour.
  2. No cameras are allowed during the tour.
  3. Children under age 10 are required to have one-to-one adult supervision.

Each year, the organization honors the ten Ditch Witch dealerships that exhibit extraordinary service to their customers, to the industry, and to the Ditch Witch organization by naming them to the Crescent Club. "You just have to do the right things to create the best experience for the customer. There is nothing more important to our organization than our customers' success with Ditch Witch products," says CMW Chief Executive Officer Tiffany Sewell-Howard.

Ten Ditch Witch dealerships were honored by The Charles Machine Works, Inc., manufacturer of Ditch Witch products, as members of the 2013 Crescent Club. From sales and marketing to parts and service, these dealerships exhibited extraordinary service to their customers, to the industry, and to the Ditch Witch organization in 2013.

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