HT275 Track Trencher

One Trencher. Any Trench.

The Ditch Witch HT275 trencher is built for a wide range of trenching jobs, including water, sewer, gas, power and underdrain installations, pipeline distribution, and other heavy-duty trenching tasks. This versatile machine features a patent-pending, modular design that allows operators to easily interchange between attachments so you can say yes to more jobs. A power sliding cab offers industry-leading visibility and boosts operator comfort with premium climate control, an integrated trainer’s seat and ergonomic joystick controls. Plus, the innovative design offers easy access to the undercarriage, making routine maintenance and serviceability easy.

Boosted Productivity

Powered by a Cummins® 275-hp (205-kW) T4 or T4i engine, the trencher provides exceptional power and productivity for pipeline distribution, underdrain and utility installation and a variety of other heavy-duty trenching tasks. Specifically, the unit is ideal for utility installations up to 10 feet deep and 26 inches wide in various digging conditions.

The HT275 trencher is designed with purpose-built rear attachments enabling contractors to accept a broader range of jobs and increase machine utilization and ROI year over year.

An integrated frame-tilt design with an auto-level feature provides the ability to dig a completely vertical ditch and keep both trencher tracks flat on the ground when working on uneven terrain or side slope.

An optional track-tilt feature allows each track to move independently for enhanced ground engagement and improved machine reliability. And an exclusive “float” mode maintains maximum track-to-ground contact in shifting jobsite conditions.

A fully hydrostatic trencher-chain drive with an infinitely variable displacement motor allows operators to easily match chain speeds to soil conditions for maximum performance and efficiency.

The trencher is equipped with various modes of automatic control for both trenching and plunge cutting. This innovative load-control feature reduces operator fatigue and maximizes productivity.

The HT275 is equipped with multiple chain styles with various tooth patterns to best meet the needs of each unique jobsite.

Industry-Leading Visibility and Comfort

Equipped with a power sliding cab, the HT275 maximizes operator visibility to the stabilizers, cross conveyor, trench cleaner and cutting chain—where all the work is happening. The hood and machine front were also designed with visibility in mind.

The unit is designed with two scratch-resistant cameras, improving vision on the far side of the machine for operational assistance and in the front while moving and loading the machine for transport.

The pressurized, insulated and isolated cab reduces dust contamination and boasts premium climate control for improved circulation, reduced noise and reduced vibration.

As the most spacious cab in its size class, the trencher offers premium legroom and includes a second seat for training sessions.

Featuring an air-ride suspension seat with 270-degree rotation, ergonomic joystick controls and dual 7-in displays, the operator’s station offers unparalleled levels of operator comfort, control and visibility.

The HT275 includes standard LED lighting—front-hood mounted, cab-mounted and boom-mounted that move with the trenching attachment—for advanced 360-degree illumination of the jobsite. Additionally, the trencher has built-in LED strobe lighting, integrated below the roof line, reducing the possibility of damage to the lights when traveling or operating in height-restrictive areas.

Patent-Pending, Modular Design

The HT275 is under 102 inches wide, allowing the machine to be hauled on a standard-load trailer without special permitting.

The machine’s patent-pending suspension mounts to the center of each track frame. This innovative design provides the unique ability to “float” each track independently, enhancing performance on uneven terrain while taking stress off the main frame.

The purpose-built attachments include:

  • The centerline trencher attachment, designed for installations of 4 to 10 feet deep and 14 to 26 inches wide.

  • The offsetting, sliding trencher attachment, which comes optional with a truck-loading conveyor to carry spoils directly to a dump truck, is designed for installation of 3 to 6 feet deep and 8 to 24 inches wide.

  • The modular design allows for the provision of future potential attachment options.

Designed with four hydraulic quick-disconnect blocks, rear attachments can be changed in the field without the use of heavy lifting equipment, reducing change time from days to hours and increasing machine versatility and utilization.

A modular digging-boom design allows depth adjustments without the purchase of entirely new boom assemblies.

A multi-position crumb shoe matches a variety of digging depths, eliminating the need for expensive weld-ons.

The unit is designed with extra counterweighting needs in mind, including provisions for boom weight and counterweight, giving operators the ability to add weight when and where it’s needed for smoother trenching, better stability and decreased wear.

The HT275 standard features include GPS ram mounts, AM/FM Bluetooth radio, an air-ride suspension seat, berm scrapers and cross conveyors with the trenching attachments. Optional features include a boom-weight package, tractor counterweights and a truck-loading conveyor system with a sliding trencher attachment.

Superior Serviceability and Support

The trencher’s patent-pending track frame is designed for easy removal which minimizes time spent on track repairs.

A one-piece, fully opening hood offers easy access to the engine and all routine maintenance points.

Integrated wear blocks decrease the need for hard-surfacing of digging chains, further reducing machine maintenance.

The machine also features a unique wireless remote allowing operators to perform all maintenance tasks, including slowly advancing the digging chain from ground level, without climbing in and out of the cab, saving time and hassle.

As with all Ditch Witch equipment, the HT275 is backed by a worldwide network of dealerships you can count on for unmatched commitment to your success. From genuine Ditch Witch parts to factory-trained service and expert advice, your Ditch Witch dealership is your trusted partner on the job.


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