RT115 Quad Ride-On Trencher

Solid Structure. Sold Returns.

One look at the foundation of the RT115 Quad trencher begins to explain how it can be so productive in extreme conditions. Its unique chevron track pattern is designed to reduce mud buildup and give the RT115 Quad outstanding traction on muddy, uneven terrain. Move up 15.5 inches (394 mm)—or the height of its best-in-class ground clearance—to the base of its incredibly heavy-duty undercarriage, reinforced for maximum durability when you need it. And you will.

RT115 Quad

115-horsepower (85.8-kW) John Deere engine and reliable hydrostatic transmission keep the RT115 Quad running strong all day long.

RT115 Quad

Industry-exclusive chevron track pattern provides maximum traction in wet conditions and on slopes.

The RT115 Quad's three-speed, shift-on-the-fly ground drive delivers outstanding performance in virtually any soil condition.

Large selection of hydrostatic attachments—plus a choice of two front-mount utility backhoes and a reel carrier—accelerate your productivity.

Best-in-class ground clearance of 15.5 inches (394 mm) helps the RT115 Quad be more productive in and around bar ditches, creek beds and uneven terrain in general.

RT115 Quad
Rugged Design

Specially manufactured, heavy-duty track frames weigh 1,500 lb (680.4 kg) each, including track, providing a lower center of gravity for increased stability and drawbar.

Heavy-duty undercarriage is built for durability and long life.

Plow attachment features heavy-duty lift arms that withstand the RT115 Quad's tremendous power and drawbar.

Standard tilt frame configuration helps you dig a vertical trench on uneven ground.

Standard rear steer gives the RT115 Quad a tighter turn radius, resulting in better jobsite maneuverability and increased versatility while digging.

Equipped with an electrically controlled pump that requires minimal maintenance (no cables to adjust) and provides better response and controllability.

RT115 Quad
Ease of Use

Improved cruise-control system, which can be optimized for plowing, is standard equipment.

RT115 Quad
Operator's Station

Ergonomically designed operator station features a 90-degree swivel seat, adjustable armrests, easy-to-read gauges, and a tiltable steering column.

RT115 Quad
Superior Support

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