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SafeBore Confidently Bores Through Ontario Fractured Rock

Thriving with natural resources—including evergreen forests, and bountiful lakes and rivers—the varied landscape of Ontario delights visitors and residents year-round. While the scenery may be striking, the diverse terrain of soil, sediments and rock can pose challenges for people who work below ground.

Networx Cabling Systems, Inc. Company Profile

Networx Cabling Systems, Inc., d/b/a NCS, Inc., is an Arizona utility contractor specializing in outside plant (OSP) telecommunications construction.

Based in Flagstaff in Northern Arizona, NCS currently operates in Arizona and California with licenses pending in New Mexico and Nevada, said Bill Tippett, Networx president.

Barbados Utility Project

Two methods of trenchless construction are being employed in a project to improve the water infrastructure on the island nation of Barbados. Using these trenchless methods on this segment of the project allows aging water mains to be replaced while greatly limiting the amount of excavation needed to bury pipes.

S&N Locating - UtiliGuard®

S&N Locating Services, LLC, is a utility locating company that, on a normal day, has an average of three hundred, one-person crews locating and marking underground utilities across the states of Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Ohio.

Bryan Harris

Over the past 22-plus years, Harris & Co. has established a reputation for providing quality landscaping services to residential and commercial customers in the Milledgeville, Georgia, area. Those services include innovative landscape design and installation, irrigation systems and comprehensive maintenance programs.

“Our goal is to create outdoor environments with both functional and visual appeal through design, installation, enhancement, and maintenance of landscape and hardscape areas,” says owner Bryan Harris.

SK Attachment Versatility

For years, manufacturers of construction equipment have liked to compare multi-use equipment to the Swiss Army Knife, not only a knife but a combination of various tools in one compact package.

As attachment tools began to be developed for compact mini skid steer loaders, it was inevitable the Swiss Army Knife comparison was applied to this product category, also.


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