To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 11.1.0 or greater is installed. Choosing the ideal bit for a particular type of soil can be challenging. This chart offers guidelines to help, but for specific recommendations for your area, ask your Ditch Witch ® dealer. SOIL CONDITION CHART Key =Best =Better =Good Sandy Soft Medium Hard Cobble Soft Medium Hard Soil Soil Soil Soil Rock Rock Rock Rock TriHawk ® I TriHawk III TriHawk IV TriHawk V TriHawk VI TriHawk Reamer Bit Sand Bit Hard Surface Bit Durabit Barracuda Bit Steep Taper Tuff Bit Steep Taper Bit Tornado Bit Grade Bit Shot Gun Bit Cobble Bit Tuff Bit Soft Formation Bit Rockmaster ® Bit* Ditch Witch Tri-Cone Bit* Rhino Rock Bit Piranha Bit *See page 51 for best soil conditions. SOIL TYPE DESCRIPTION CHART Sugar sand, blow sand or other solids where sand is the predominant component Soft Soil Sandy loam Medium Soil Loams, loamy clays Hard Soil Packed clays, gumbo, all compacted soils Cobble Rock Chunk rock, glacier till, cobble, gravel Soft Rock Sandstone, shale, coral, caliche, chaulk Medium Rock Limestone, caliche, sandstone, shale Hard Rock Sandy Soil BITS This chart is meant as a guideline only. See your local Ditch Witch dealer for recommendations in your area. Granite, schist, marble, hard limestone To find your dealer, visit 37