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T H E D U R AT O O T H ® A D VA N TA G E MORE THAN 70 YEARS AGO, we introduced the world’s first service line trencher. And we’ve never stopped innovating. Our exclusive DuraTooth design was a breakthrough in trenching technology, improving performance and efficiency of the chain with a cupped digging tooth. And it’s still the gold standard today. D U R AT O O T H Up to 35 percent more Tungsten carbide protects the DuraTooth manufacturing Digging chain compatibility tungsten carbide—on the cutting edge, where the process includes a (tensile strength): 33K/35K, surface, in the base metal greatest impact from the soil six-point inspection to 50K, 70K/110K, and and in the weld—than any occurs, to ensure greater ensure long-lasting 150K/225K. competitors’ standard cupped durability and performance. quality and value. tooth, for longer-lasting productivity and reduced downtime and expense. 8 For more, visit