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3 3 K / 3 5 K D I G G I N G SY S T E M S 1030, 1230, 1330, 1820, C12, C14, C16, C16X, C24X, C30X, RT10, RT12, RT16, RT20, RT24, SK350, SK500, SK600, SK650, SK750, SK752, SK755, SK800, SK850, SK1050, SK1550, ST37X, R150, R230, R300, XT855, 410SX, 420SX, RT30 (35K ONLY) BOOMS SMALL TAIL SPROCKET BOOM • Urethane spring absorbs shocks while trenching. • Simple, open design reduces buildup 35K SPRING BOOM • Shock-absorbing urethane bushing. • Inner sleeve for easy boom installation/removal. in sticky soils. • Large tail roller bearing with triple lip seals. • Features sealed tail and idler sprockets. • Patent-pending boom and sprocket designs. • Available in 36" and 48" depths. STANDARD BOOM • Proven, rugged design. • Manual adjustment for chain tensioning. • Available with (greasable or sealed) tail roller or (greasable or sealed) Low-Profile Sprocket ™ . “sticking”). • Available with (greasable or sealed) tail roller or new (greasable or sealed) Low-Profile easy installation and removal (reduced • Unique split boom design allows for quick and in light to medium conditions. • Manual adjustment for chain tensioning. SPLIT BOOM • Lower cost for value-minded consumer operating Sprocket. • Similar to our proven standard boom, but with grease cylinder to tension digging chain. • Available with sealed roller, greasable roller, or SMALL TAIL SPROCKET BOOM Digging Pitch Depth Length 36" 68P 48" 84P* 22 greasable Low-Profile Sprocket. Part Number 140-060 140-060 140-551 Boom Extension For more, visit GREASABLE BOOM