Each year, the Ditch Witch organization produces a variety of videos for its dealers and customers—product demos, safety videos, and more.

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For easy-to-read safety information, maintenance instructions, machine specifications, and more, visit our online list of Operators Manuals available for download at no charge.

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Digging System Selector

Now you can instantly determine the ideal digging chain and/or digging teeth for different types of soil. Just choose chain or teeth, the soil type you expect to dig in, and then click “Submit.” The Digging System Tool Selector provides comparative information so you’ll know which chain or digging teeth are good, better, or best.

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Fluid Formulator

The proper drilling fluid mixture is critical to the successful completion of your directional drilling operation. With our Drilling Fluid Formulator you’ll quickly determine the recommended fluid volume, the type and proper ratio of formula additives, and even the recommended pullback speed. This information is also available on your mobile device.

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Drill Pipe Reference

Ditch Witch drill pipe is specially manufactured to be the longest-lasting pipe in the horizontal directional drilling industry. But do you need lined or unlined pipe? What size of pipe thread? What length and bend radius? Our Drill Pipe Reference tool instantly gives you the answer to these questions and more. This information is also available on your mobile device.

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Advances in technology help the Ditch Witch organization produce better and safer equipment each year. But never forget: this is heavy machinery that requires your undivided attention at all times—especially during operation. Our mission is to provide the tools you need to get the job done efficiently and safely. And there's no more important tool than the safety information we provide.

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Our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) detail the proper procedures for handling or working with substances related to the operation of Ditch Witch equipment. In each MSDS you'll find information including physical data (melting point, boiling point, flash point, etc.), toxicity, health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage, disposal, protective equipment, and spill/leak procedures.


HDD Tool Selector

How easy to use is the HDD Tool Selector? All you have to do is submit the type of HDD tool, the type of soil, and the drilling rig, and in an instant you’ll know the bit or backreamer that is most suitable for your application—ranked by good, better, and best. This information is also available on your mobile device.

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Blade Selector

Each of the MT12’s four saw blades is specially designed and manufactured by the Ditch Witch organization to cut precise, narrow trenches in asphalt in one quick, efficient pass. But no single blade provides optimal performance on all surfaces. The MT12 Blade Tool Selector helps you instantly determine the ideal blade(s) for your jobsite. Simply select your blade size—indicating trench width—and hit “Submit.” Blade performance is ranked in terms of cutting speed, bit life, and blade wear, and according to digging conditions ranging from soft asphalt to concrete.

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There's a department at your Ditch Witch dealership dedicated to service—the best you'll find anywhere, by the way—but service is really the focus of every employee there. Whether it's regularly scheduled service or an after-hours emergency, servicing a whole fleet of Ditch Witch machines or some other brand of equipment, our mission is the same: doing whatever it takes to get you back on the job as quickly as possible. That's the difference between ordinary service and Genuine Ditch Witch Service.

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