The new 8500—which consists of an 8500T tracker, 8500D display and 850-series beacons—is an advanced, highly accurate electronic guidance system that is surprisingly simple to use. Its intuitive interface has easy-to-understand graphics—no cryptic symbols that require additional training time. As it guides you through the tracking process, instructing you how to calibrate the beacon, you'll soon realize that the 8500 guidance system is like nothing else on the market.

8500 Electronic Guidance Systems
Innovative Design

The 8500 guidance system’s offset locating and depth­reading ability—an exclusive feature—helps determine depth and horizontal offset alongside the beacon.

With 60 roll positions on the clockface, you have access to more detailed information, resulting in a more accurate bore.

Ultra­low, 1.75­kHz frequency can “see through” signals from nearby objects, such as rebar and overhead power lines.


The 8500 provides true depth readings on inclines of up to 20 percent, so you can track up the sides of ditches and over uneven terrain.

Icon­ and menu­driven screens are intuitive and easy to navigate; straightforward onscreen graphics reduce training time.

To accommodate your tracking situation, the 8500 system offers three ways to locate a beacon using walkover location mode: Single­point Location—use to find general beacon location. Peak Location—use to position tracker over beacon if beacon depth is greater than 30 ft (9 m). Advanced Location—use to position tracker over beacon if beacon depth is less than 30 ft (9 m).

For bores requiring less accuracy, operational speed can be improved with the “drill ­thru” mode, which allows you to place the tracker at a given point and drill to and beyond it on a calculated path.

Soft­touch hand grips and balanced weight help make the 8500 easy to use over the course of a long day.


Self­contained electronic pitch sensors eliminate the need for mechanical/electrical parts, resulting in improved reliability and more stable operation for smooth pitch readings.

The 86BG directional beacon measures and displays pitch in 0.1% increments.

Ditch Witch beacons are repairable.

Innovative design isolates beacons from high­pressure drilling fluids.

When used with the 752 Tracker, the 86B can transmit from depths of 0.3 to 50 feet (0.1 to 15.2 m); for deeper boring, the 86BH provides readings to 70 feet (21.3 m) or more.* 

*Units are calibrated to these tolerances under test field conditions. Actual field conditions may cause signal distortions or may contain noise sources that result in depth estimates that vary from these figures.

Electronic trackers present beacon data in a clear, easy­to­understand LCD readout.

Equipped with quick­disconnect manifold so attachments can be changed without shutting off the machine.

All Ditch Witch directional beacons transmit roll angle, beacon temperature, beacon battery status, and pitch information as part of the HDD guidance system.

Superior Support

Your Ditch Witch equipment is backed by a worldwide network of dealers you can count on for unmatched commitment to your success. From genuine Ditch Witch parts to factory-trained service to expert advice, your Ditch Witch dealer has it all for you.


We’ve made a wide variety of valuable safety information available in one convenient location. Ditch Witch Safe is dedicated to providing the resources you need to operate your equipment safely.

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