Lock In Savings
SaverLok System®
Our SaverLok System offers the quickest, most secure protection for your drill pipe and drive system, and helps you avoid costly overnight downtime. Get more profit per foot with genuine Ditch Witch parts.
Recycle The Mud. Reap The Profits.
The New Ditch Witch MR90
Now you can retain profits that others are literally throwing away. The new MR90 recycles drilling fluid, saving you the time and expense of disposal. It has the fastest setup time and it’s the only mud recycler you can transport full of fluid.
"It's A
Featured Dealer: Ditch Witch of South Louisiana
A Ditch Witch dealership is a much more than a place to buy equipment. Your Ditch Witch dealer is dedicated to going above and beyond to be a partner in your success.
Best Trenchers. Best Warranty. Ever.
Walk-Behind Trencher Promotion
Purchase a new Ditch Witch RT12, RT16, RT20, or RT24 walk-behind trencher and get a FREE two-year comprehensive warranty and Orange Armor® Uptime Kit.

Manufacturer of Ride-on & Walk-behind Trenchers, Plows, Horizontal Directional Drills


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